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Roof Installation

Getting a new roof installed on your house is a great way to protect your home, save on energy use, and improve curb appeal. Here’s a simple outline of what you can expect in the days leading up to, during, and after your new roof installation.

What to Expect Before, During, and After

A days or a week leading up to installation day

  • Preliminary Drone Flight - Our drone pilot comes out to capture photos and video of your current roof to document the repair process. 

  • Building Permits - As your contractor we make this process easy for you - We obtain all necessary building permits for your project.

  • Preparedness of Property - Ensure all valuables are moved at least 5 ft. from the roof's perimeter, remove any vehicles from inside garages and driveways.

First Day

  • Ground Cover - We lay down tarps around the perimeter of your home to cover flowers, bushes, plants, and A.C. etc.

  • Driveway Access - A dump trailer will be parked in your driveway for the remainder of the roof removal for accessibility.

  • Roof Removal - Our crew will carefully and respectfully remove your old roofing materials and properly dispose of all debris.

  • Dry Rot - Our foreman will inspect the newly exposed deck for any dry rot that was not visible during the initial inspection, and present all findings and a plan of action before repairs

Installation Process

  • Deck Inspection - A building inspector will inspect your newly exposed roof deck when required by your local building department.

  • Loading Material - Our supplier will load all materials directly onto your roof using a boom/ gradall.

  • Underlayment - Don't worry about unexpected rainfall, once the underlayment is installed, you are protected.

  • Install Roof Material - Our foreman leads our technicians throughout the installation process, making sure al materials are properly installed.

  • Vents - We will replace and/or add vents for proper attic ventilation.

  • In Progress Inspection - Upon 50% completion, a building inspector will check our workmanship and ensure your roof is up to code.

Final day/finishing up on the job

  • Clean Up - Our crew gathers and hauls away all waste yield during the installation process.

  • Magnet Sweep - Our crew magnet sweeps the perimeter of your property to recover any nails and staples.

After your new roof has been installed (1-3 days later)

  • Final inspection - Building inspector comes to ensure all building codes were met and close out your building permit.

  • Final Drone Flight - Our drone pilot takes photo and video of your completed roof.

  • Final Walkthrough - Project manager will lead homeowner on a walkthrough of premises to ensure all job waste has been removed.

  • Presentation of Warranty - We will present you will a project folder containing your building permit and workmanship warranty for your records.

Trust us for your home's new roof!

We have over 30 years of experience installing new roofs. Trust DC Construction with removing your home's roof today! Schedule now to reserve a free estimate!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- "Daniel and his crew quickly completed the tear off process in their first 2 hours on the roof..."

- Ashley M.



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