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Why Your Roof NEEDS This Synthetic Underlayment!

After Synthetic Underlayment | Sacramento Roofers

Why do we exclusively use Synthetic Underlayment at DC Construction? Quality and durability of course!

What is underlayment? Underlayment is a layer of moisture treatment material that lies underneath your shingles and on top of your roofs deck, usually made of felt or synthetic materials. The main purpose of underlayment is to repel the natural condensation vapors that build up during cold temperatures.

Contrary to what untrustworthy sources claim, Underlayment is NOT a waterproofing membrane! This is because every nail and staple used to secure your new shingles will penetrate the underlayment and find its mark in your roof's deck. To remedy this, we make sure to securely overlap shingles halfway with each other so that no nail holes are exposed to water. We carry quality Owens Corning® shingles that feature an exclusive SureNail® zone, a fabric strip that creates a triple layer of reinforcement and ensures optimal nail placement.

Owens Corning® SureNail® Strip Technology
SureNail® Diagram by Owens Corning®

Why is Synthetic better than traditional felt? Traditional felt underlayment is absorbent and traps water under your shingles, which quickly inhibits algae and mold growth. Felt is also known for wrinkling when exposed to moisture, which makes it impossible for shingles to lay flat and properly shed water. Synthetic underlayment is extremely more durable, boasting a higher tear strength and wind resistance. The materials used in synthetic underlayments often do not promote algae or mold growth, or warp under exposure to the elements and ensure the longevity of your roof.

Moss/ Algae Growth Caused By Trapped Moisture
Moss/ Algae Growth Caused By Trapped Moisture

Here at DC, we are dedicated to quality workmanship and durability that will last decades. We offer only the best materials and promise to never cut corners for prices, which is why we only install roofs with synthetic underlayments. Sacramento has been experiencing unusually strong winds this winter, and we are dedicated to building roofs that will last for decades to come.

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